¡Hola Paco! ¿Qué tal? What a cute Yorkie! ¡Hola Paco! ¿Qué tal? Paco, cute Yorkie puppy Yorkshire Terrier

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Paco, his two sisters, and 8-year old special-needs Yorkie Staci were stolen from
the Buena Park home of Linda Bush during a burglary on November 11, 2011.
Paco and one sister were returned on November 17 and 18.
Paco's other sister, and 8 yr. old Staci still missing.

Current Reward Flyer:

Cute little Yorkie Paco, www.HolaPaco.com $7,500 Reward
Four Yorkies Stolen During Burglary.
Two have been returned
(one was Paco)

Two Yorkies Still Missing:
One "Special Needs" Female Yorkie
(tiny 2 lbs. with hair lip,
dry eye, & staph infection)
One 6-month old (current age)
Female Yorkie Puppy
Staci Stolen during Burglary, Special Needs Female Yorkie Three 7-week old Puppies Stolen During Burglary
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Two puppies returned. One female puppy, and 8 yr. old Staci still missing.

CBS Los Angeles, Two Yorkies Returned
Orange County Register, Two Yorkies Returned
Zimbio, Two Yorkies Found
Orange County Register, Picture of Thieves
If you have information, call Buena Park Police: (714)562-3901
These four Yorkshire Terriers were stolen during a home burglary on Friday, 11/11/11
Staci is 8 years old, weighs 2 pounds, and has a hair-lip.  Staci requires medication daily.
Please Help!
$5,000 reward for Staci
$2,500 reward for female puppy
For information leading to the
safe return of the stolen Yorkies.
No Questions Asked!

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Paco buys all his engravable giftware at Stanley London.  You should too.
Paco buys all his engravable giftware at Stanley London. You should too.

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